Premiere "The Elusive Creator" Documentary Short Film

Certificate in Documentary Arts Final Projects
Presentation & Graduation Ceremony

"The Elusive Creator - an artists quest to understand the mysteries of creation"

...There seems to be a veil which keeps humankind from fully understanding the creative act. So Enrique Vega - the filmmaker, takes us on his personal quest to those people who are most likely to answer his unresolved questions. What is the source of creation? Is creation accomplished by the individual or is it a connection with something outside of one's self? Why did the Greeks believe in the Muse? Can Genies visit us during the creative act? Are artists the modern day equivalent to Shamans? Sounds hokey? Well, he explores that one also by digging into the myths which have brought about Western Civilization as we know it today.

In this short version of "The Elusive Creator," Enrique gives a glimpse into the world of what motivates artists to create. His intentions are to seek and receive additional funding to complete an expanded version for the production of a film series on "Why We Create" as human beings.

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QuiQue (key-kay) is in the process of creating a new reality. He's been awakened by the apu "Putucusi" found in Machu Picchu. That awakening, and everything that is flowing at this time, has to do with a global/galactic awakening that is taking place throughout the world and will peak in the year 2012. He may not have the answer for you, but he believes that by sharing his experience, it will in turn, help awaken yours.