Celebrating a Mothers Creation


When I think of the Creators Dream, the one where each of us create our own reality, I look at my mothers creation. One of which I honor and respect for she has lived a long fruitful life with many challenges. A woman who came from Cuba with a young family and totally restarted her life for the sake of her children.

This short video is a simple gesture of gratitude for everything my mother has done for her sons. Estrella's 90th birthday was held on the deck of her apartment at Francis's house on July 4th 2009.


Short Film on My Sons Graduation

My son Monte graduated a couple of weeks ago from UNC-Asheville. I put together a short film documenting the event so friends and family that were not able to attend the graduation can see some of the highlights taking place during this memorable event.

Moving Into the Movie Business

The journey continues...

I've been busy as of late becoming more professional in cinematography. The last couple of years has been directing me into creating documentaries of subjects which show the Creators dream within each of us. Life has a tendency to present to each of us that which we desire to become. The signs present themselves and we only need to be aware of them. I'm sure that by now, you've heard of "the Secret." And even though the actual movie and book tend to lean towards a materialistic approach, the basis of the Secret is real.

I've personally had a great interest in communicating via the new technologies provided in video, audio, and the web. The last couple of years has been especially focused on not only learning about 2012 and all that goes along with this eye opening experience taking place on our planet. But now, my energy has been going into learning more about the technical aspects of creating video documentaries.

So I've invested in professional video equipment including a JVC GY-HD110 professional camcorder along with professional level sound and lighting equipment. I've even enrolled in a certificate program given by Duke University through the Center for Documentary Studies in Durham, NC. The individual classes I am taking will go for about a year before I will get my certificate.

I just finished my first class entitled "Marketing and Distribution for Documentary Film Makers." I learned a lot and have actually started implementing what I have learned. The "Press Kit" is one of the most important tools for documentary film makers. I also learned that, just as the music industry has been going through a complete rewrite of how to market and distribute music, so to is the film industry going through this change. The basic change is that the individual artist now has the ability to market directly to their audience via the Internet.

I'm very familiar with this concept and have used it successfully with my metal art of the past. But now, I have to concentrate my efforts on marketing my video and multimedia talents. So let me bring you up to date by giving you the link to my new web site which is dedicated solely to my new profession of cinematography. The site is http://enriquevega.com . It's an easy name to remember as long as you know that I am Enrique Vega.

If you have a need for video production, please don't hesitate to contact me. I know that I can create the vision you have for your video. Let's see what the Creators Dream creates...

Kevin Brock - Touching the Creator Video

Kevin Brock Heavenly Body

The film screening of "Kevin Brock - Touching the Creator" was held on November 25th and was very well received by more than 80 people. Donovan and several other musicians played musical tributes to Kevin during the first hour. Then Casey, Kevin's wife spoke to us about her relationship with Kevin and also described a foundation she is setting up in Kevin's honor. I then introduced the film and proceeded to show it on a large screen. The audience, which was made up mainly of people who knew Kevin were captured by Kevin's last thoughts and performances. After the film, a drum circle was assembled with many of the audience members participating. Kevin's father and mother were among the audience and they were very appreciative of everything the community has done to honor Kevin.

Many of us spend most of our lives attempting to learn our purpose for being in this reality. Kevin Brock realized his purpose at the early age of seven and has spent the last thirty years developing his skills and the ability to interact directly with the Creator.

Kevin is a time keeper. Actually he is much more! He is a musician that uses drums and various other musical instruments to communicate fantastic lyrical melodies from deep within himself.

Follow along in this in-depth video interview as we share with you some of the inner secrets of Kevin's one-man-band.

Film Screening "Kevin Brock Touching the Creator"

I had the opportunity this past summer to do a documentary/interview with a master percussionist named Kevin Brock. This man of 37 years of age is an amazing human being, filled with kindness, love, and humility. His talent as a musician is above anything that I have ever experienced. It is disheartening to have to say that he is no longer in this physical reality. He passed away unexpectedly Monday November 3, 2008, at his home.

flier for film screening at the Century Center

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friend Kimberli Matin for having the insight to coordinate and make possible this community event. Kimberli is a very talented and creative individual. You can learn more about her at her web site http://www.weldingforfun.com/. You can also listen to some of Kevin's music at http://kevinbrockdrums.com. I will be posting a link to the actual video once it becomes available at CreatorsDream.tv.

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